• Company: Hero Digital

  • UX Design: Steven Ackerman

ServiceNow Community enhancements: self-promotion for sysops

ServiceNow's employee intranet was flagging in engagement and usefulness. I helped the team strategize and implement changes that improved community members' experience and engagement.


Stakeholder Interview

To kick this project off, I conducted a guided stakeholder interview to facilitate discussion and articulation among the team members. We identified certain old features that needed to be suppressed. I had the client prioritize the proposed set of new features, in order to develop a hierarchy.

When you meet via videoconference, you move post-its around in Keynote.

When you meet via videoconference, you move post-its around in Keynote.


The primary goal was to increase participant engagement. The strategy was to surface information most valuable to the user, such as expertise levels, certifications, badges, reputation, bookmarks, and followed places and users. In addition, users would be enabled to create new content directly from the default view. 


Information Architecture

We reviewed a range of states and options in the wire framing stage.



Next, I built out the visual spec. When there is a UI style to derive from, it's possible to deliver high-fidelity information architecture, including production assets.

ServiceNow Partial Desktop@2x.png
SN mobile01@2x.png


If you don't have access to developers in person, and you don't share a handoff platform (like Zeplin or Invision Inspect), you can deliver fresh, tasty, robust, artisinally crafted redlines.

SN redlines@2x.png


After implementing the changes ServiceNow Community saw an estimated 10% YOY lift in user engagement. The newly prominent content creation feature seemed to be one of the primary drivers for this success.